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  • Nany's Aqva Center

    Advanced Courses


Windsurf Courses Program

  • Trylesson: It coincides with the first two hours of the beginner course. With our tested and experienced teaching method, you will be already able at the end of this lesson to take your first steps on the board, sailing with light wind. At the end of the day you can then decide whether to continue and complete the remaining 2 days of the beginner course.
  • Beginner course: Carried mainly in the morning, with conditions of expiring northwind and rising breeze from south. Theory, simulator on the beach. Water-assisted practice. 
    Target: Starting, turning, maneuvering, main courses. At the end of the course we guarantee the independence in sailing with light/medium wind conditions.
  • Advanced course: Morning or Afternoon. Light / medium / strong wind, 2 skills:
    A1- Program Intermediate level: 3-step-tack, jibe, beach start, harness.
    A2- Program Expert level: Introduction to short board, footstraps technique, planing, power jibe, jumping. Longboard freestyle.
  • Private lesson: Choice of wind conditions according to the pupil’s level. You decide what you want to learn, tell us what you want to focus on and we will adapt our teaching to your needs.
  • Group lesson: Are you at least 2 persons? Don't want to do a whole course and just need an hour to refresh or improve your level? Here is a solution suitable for you.
  • Waterstart Course: Afternoon. Wind strenght medium / high. Brief theory with simulator and demonstration, assisted practice into the water.
  • VDWS licence: Manual in English. Written and pratical exam. To certificate your skill, to grow according to the progressive teaching method step by step. It allows you to rent in several surfschool around the world.



Price list:

Trylesson (group lesson) * 1 day, 2 hrs. €   70,00
Beginners Course (group lesson) * 3 days, 8 hrs. € 250,00
VDWS License   €   35,00
Advanced Course (group lesson) * 3 days, 6 hrs. € 200,00
1 Hour Group lesson * 1 hr. €   40,00
1 hour Private lesson 1 hr. €   50,00
Waterstart (private lesson) 2 consecutive hrs. €   90,00

(*) Board, sail, wetsuit, shoes, life jacket included. Note: For group means at least 2 people.



- For the rental is obligatory to provide for an ID/passport/Driving license and fill in the appropriate form with which the hirer agrees to the clauses. Always check the rental equipment before going out on the water. Any damage or defects must be notified. Damages to school equipment must be compensated. 

- Modifications to equipment can only be made by agreement with the staff of Nany aqua centre. You have the possibility to change board and sail once.

-The client is liable for the equipment rented to them from the moment it is supplied to them by staff to the moment they return it to a member of staff at the end of rental period. In case of damage at the rented equipment, you must pay the repairing or replacement charge at the time of the accident. If you are more than 10% over your agreed rental period in returning the equipment to the center, you must pay for an extra hour hire.

-The lifejacket is obligatory and supplied for free.

- Rescue: Cover is free to renters and those partecipating in courses from Nany Aqva Centre, providing that they stay within the prescribed sailing area. Rescue of private clients is subject to a charge of between € 25,00 and € 125,00 depending upon circumstances.

- Prices are per person and may be subject to variations. 


NEWS 2019: We also have the hydrofoil available for hire, the new device mounted on dedicated boards, to be able to fly on water even with 10-12 knots. Even on light windy days you will not miss the chance to glide! For use, a good level of gliding with feet in the footstrap is required. We will evaluate your skills together and we will give you the basic advices to be able to lift you on the water even after a few tacks, always in safety. The use of the helmet is recommended, which is included in the rental cost, in addition to the life jacket


Price list:





SAIL only **



WINDFOIL (Board+Foil+Sail)***


1 hour €    25,00 €    35,00 -30% €     2,00 €      50,00 -
2 hours €    35,00 €    50,00 -30% €     4,00  €      70,00 -
1/2 day (4h) €    50,00 €    70,00  -30% €     8,00  €    100,00 -
1 day €    80,00 €  110,00 -30% €   15,00  - -
Weekend €  130,00 €  180,00 -30% €   30,00  - -
1 week €  250,00 €  300,00 -30% €   60,00  - €    500,00
10-hour-package €  200,00 €  280,00 -30%  -  - -
1 Month €  300,00 €  500,00 -30%  -  - €    700,00
Seasonal €  550,00 €  800,00  -  -  - €    999,00

(*) Wetsuit, shoes, harness included.

(**) Discount percentage referring to the Allround or Hi-Tech category

(***) Helmet included

Life jacket included.

N.B.: Every deductible subscription (such as the 10-hour package) or flat rates (e.g. seasonal) must be used up within the current season. No refund will be provided for unused time or period


NEWS 2022 !!!


It was back in 1967 when the first "Windsurfer Class" was born thanks to Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer. After 50 years the legendary "Windsurfer" has been renovated using modern construction technologies and re-proposed, maintaining the same shape, maintening its super versatility that had led it to its mass diffusion.
How can such a simple and easy-to-use device bring so much joy to millions of people? Because it puts you - with your skills, your dreams and your hidden potential - in perfect interaction
with wind and water! Rediscover the pleasure of our sport by going back to the origins, no matter if you are a professional or a beginner and if you want to race, sail, learn, remember!


1 Hour € 30,00
2 Hours € 40,00




You have the possibility to storage your equipment in our structure. For special needs or different equipment contact us, we will create a price ad hoc for your material.




Only BOARD or


1 day €   10,00  €     5,00
1 week €   46,00  €   23,00
2 weeks €   63,00  €   32,00
1 month €   70,00  €   35,00
Season € 300,00  € 150,00


easy weekend


  • 2 notti con prima colazione o mezza pensione.
  • Corso principiante: 2 lezioni di windsurf (5 ore complessive). *
  • giorni di noleggio windsurf (attrezzatura Allround). In alternativa noleggio S.U.P. o kayak.

(*) Corso collettivo. Tavola, vela, muta, salvagente, scarpette compresi.

fun week


  • 7 notti con prima colazione o mezza pensione.
  • Corso principiante: 3 lezioni di windsurf (8 ore) *
  • In alternativa noleggio S.U.P. o kayak (a seconda della disponibilità).

(*) Corso collettivo. Tavola, vela, muta, salvagente, scarpette compresi.
NB: i giorni di corso possono anche essere non consecutivi ed iniziare qualsiasi giorno della settimana, previo avviso. Se vuoi, puoi aumentarli a piacere: ogni giorno in più 50,00 € durante la settimana dell’offerta.

nany's aqva center

Via Gardesana Nord - Loc. Navene
37018 Malcesine (VR) - Italia
Orario scuola 9:00 - 19:00

E-mail: info@nanywindsurf.com
Tel. +39 347 2235435
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