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sup e kayak


Come and enjoy the great feeling of walking on the water!!
Having enchanted beaches allover the world, the Stand Up Paddling is now here! This ancient precursor of surfing, already practiced thousands of years ago by the Polynesians, and now to all intents very popular sport, combines the classic surfboard with a special paddle. A very successful meeting point between surfing and canoeing, a mix of skills of balance and a healthy exercise. For those who want to keep fit while being on the beach and in the free time, a complete workout for shoulders, abdominals, arms and especially the muscles of the back (in America is even used in physiotherapy!) Learn with us in complete safety. You will expect a new way to live your experience on water!

We are proud to have been appointed as first and only one acknowledged S.U.P. center on Garda Lake by FISURF, the Italian federation of the major one, the International Surfing Association (ISA).



  • Basic Course: Carried out mainly in the morning, with calm water conditions.Theory, assisted practice on the water Program: Board carriage, basic stance, safety, paddling technique, turning from normal stance, correct position, cruising.
  • Advanced Course: For those who want to improve their skill and want to have fun in a downwind session! Programs: Advanced paddling technique, surfstance position, turning from the surfstance (kickturn), catching small waves for the first short glides, downwind technique, cruising.
  • Private lesson: Advanced training. Ask what you want to learn!

Courses price list:

Basic course* 2 hours €   45,00
Private lesson  1 hour €   50,00

(*) All inclusive. Group lesson, at least 2 persons.


For the rental is obligatory to provide for an ID/passport/Driving license and fill in the appropriate form with which the rider agrees to the clauses. Damages to the school equipment must be compensated. Life-jacket is obligatory.

Price list:

Single KAYAK
Double KAYAK  S.U.P.
1 Hour €     10,00 €     15,00  €     15,00
2 Hours €     15,00 €     25,00  €     25,00
1/2 Day (4 consecutive hrs.) €     20,00 €     35,00  €     40,00
1 Day €     35,00 €     50,00  €     60,00
Weekend €     60,00 €     80,00  €    100,00
1 Week €   100,00 €   150,00  €    180,00
Card 10 hrs. €     80,00 €   110,00  €    120,00
Seasonal €   250,00 €   300,00  €    300,00


(*) Wetsuit, shoes, life-jacket, Paddle included. 

easy weekend


  • 2 notti con prima colazione o mezza pensione.
  • Corso principiante: 2 lezioni di windsurf (5 ore complessive). *
  • giorni di noleggio windsurf (attrezzatura Allround). In alternativa noleggio S.U.P. o kayak.

(*) Corso collettivo. Tavola, vela, muta, salvagente, scarpette compresi.

fun week


  • 7 notti con prima colazione o mezza pensione.
  • Corso principiante: 3 lezioni di windsurf (8 ore) *
  • In alternativa noleggio S.U.P. o kayak (a seconda della disponibilità).

(*) Corso collettivo. Tavola, vela, muta, salvagente, scarpette compresi.
NB: i giorni di corso possono anche essere non consecutivi ed iniziare qualsiasi giorno della settimana, previo avviso. Se vuoi, puoi aumentarli a piacere: ogni giorno in più 50,00 € durante la settimana dell’offerta.

nany's aqva center

Via Gardesana Nord - Loc. Navene
37018 Malcesine (VR) - Italia
Orario scuola 9:00 - 19:00

E-mail: info@nanywindsurf.com
Tel. +39 347 2235435
Tel. +39 348 7747854